Xtreme DYE-FREE Multi-purpose Mineral Powder (to enhance face paints)

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Non-micronized Titanium dioxide, sericite, iron oxides, mica and ultramarine blue.
To Use:
With an eye shadow brush, touch the bristles into a small amount of eye shadow powder, then tap a little back into the jar. Next, lightly sweep the color across the lids.
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We are rated as, "CHAMPION!" this product has a safe score of "2", They score products from 0-10, the lower the number, the better the score!
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These colors are ALL BRIGHT & BOLD! Other companies add FDA Dyes to get a bright colored eye shadow. Ours are chemical free!

Apply them wet, use them with your face paints to add sparkle and shine! Or use with our PRIMER to make them even more vibrant! These are all natural and DO Not Contain DYES! They're made with natural pigments from the earth.

Here's a great way to try our Xtreme colors. We want you to be happy! Natural makeup and skin care samples are a great way to try new products! It's an eco-friendy way to help you find out which color works for you. A great gift idea!

Each mineral sample jar: Provides enough for approx. 7-8 applications

Our multi-purpose mineral powders have been formulated to last longer than other brands. We offer 10 Xtreme Vibrant Mineral Makeup powders.  Our 100% pure and natural loose mineral are long-wearing. These colors are wonderful for spring, summer, holidays and festivals. Be creative and have fun!

 Made only of the highest quality ingredients nature can offer! Hypoallergenic Our eco-friendly Natural Face Paints are free of harmful ingredients. They Do Not contain ANY of the following:


checkmark-icon.pngNo Micronized minerals/ nano-particles


checkmark-icon.pngNo Coated minerals

checkmark-icon.pngNo Preservatives

checkmark-icon.pngNo Talc

checkmark-icon.pngNo Bismuth Oxychloride (causes itching, breakouts, redness)

checkmark-icon.pngNo Synthetic dyes / chemically made FD& C Dyes

checkmark-icon.pngNo Parabens

checkmark-icon.pngNo Carmine (crushed beetle shells)

checkmark-icon.pngNo Fragrances

checkmark-icon.pngNo PetroChemicals

checkmark-icon.pngNon-comedogenic / won't clog pores

checkmark-icon.pngNo Animal Testing / cruelty Free

MADE in USA. VEGAN friendly

Our 100% pure crushed loose mineral eye shadows contain only natural ingredients: Titanium dioxide, sericite, iron oxides, tin oxide mica and ultramarine blue.

X01 Bluebird: A bright & vibrant medium blue X02 Sunrise: A bright & vibrant light yellow X03 Sunset: A bright & vibrant light orange. X04 Sky: A bright & vibrant light blue turquoise. X05 Hot Lava: A bright & vibrant red with hints of orange. X06 Pink Fire: A bright & vibrant hot pink. X07 Flames: A bright & vibrant orange with some red. X08 Mermaid: A bright & vibrant green. X09 Purple Passion: A bright & vibrant purple. X10 Kiwi Lime: A bright & lime green.