Wholesale - FAQs

Do I need to pay a registration or annual fee?

                No. We do not charge registration or annual fees to be an Elegant Minerals distributor.

 I distribute Elegant Minerals, can I use your pictures for my website?

                Yes, as an Elegant Minerals distributor, you can use all pictures for your website or printing purposes.

 I haven't ordered before, are samples available?

                We want you to be happy with the products you plan to offer. If you have not tried our products, you can order samples.

 It's my first time ordering, what is the order requirement?

                $200.00 in product is required for placing your first order.

 What's the order requirement after my first order?

                There is a $50.00 minimum order requirement after placing your first order.

Do you offer volume discounts?

                Get an additional 15% on all mineral makeup products for orders over $2000.00. You will receive a 20% discount on all mineral makeup products for orders over $5,000.00. Contact us for a special coupon code to receive this discount.

 Can I start out as an Elegant Minerals distributor and change to private label later?

                Yes, you can start out as an independent distributor of Elegant Minerals and change to private labeling in the future.

Can I use your pictures for my private label?

                We do allow the use our color charts for your private label; however, all product pictures are the responsibility of the private label owner.

Do I need to make up my own color names for private label?

                No, as a private label distributor, you can use the names and color codes such as: 101 Light Bisque, 102 Golden Wheat, 523 Crimson Rose, etc.

How do I get started with my private label?

Step 1. Send us your logo for the top of the cosmetic jars.

Step 2. Send us your company details for the bottom ingredient labels.

Step 3. We will send digital label examples/ proofs prior to printing.

Step 4. Place your private label order.

How much does private labeling cost?

The cost of private labeling is our wholesale price + .15 cents per jar on any natural makeup or skincare product. This price includes the top/bottom or front/back labels. Generally, the private labeling cost on a $500.00 order is about 13.00 

I will design my own labels, what type of file should I send?

                We accept high resolution artwork in the following file formats: jpg, png, .pdf

What is the order requirement for private label?

 $500.00 in product is required for placing your first order. All following order requirements are $50.00. This low order requirement will help you keep your best selling merchandise moving out the door! We recommend having at least 4 of each top seller in stock… You are not required to order monthly.

What is the processing time for private label?

Your 1st Private Label order generally takes 10 business days on any size. Processing time does not start until after we have received your logo and labels are approved. After your first order, it will take approx. 6-7 business days. (depending on how many different sizes and/or colors are ordered) Please keep in mind, we are closed on the weekends and these days do not 

How are private label products packaged?

Each jar will be filled and shipped with your logo/company name on every container. Each jar will be wrap with a tamper-evident band. They will be ready for your store shelf.

Can I order products without a label?

Yes, if your facility can do the finish work, you can order any natural skincare product or mineral makeup item without labels.

How are unlabeled products packaged?

Each jar will be filled and shipped ready for your own label. The jar will be placed in a bag with a label on the outside to indicate which color is in the container.