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HI am extremely pleased with this company and would like to extend my gratitude towards their efforts at helping women like myself with troubled skin and finding the best makeup possible. I honestly feel like using EM makeup has helped clear up my chronic cystic acne more than anything else I've ever tried. I've had this condition since I was 13 and it really bothers me sometimes and to finally have found something that works AND is affordable is unbelievable. It doesn't take long at all for my makeup to arrive and when it does, it lasts FOREVER! This makeup is so light on your skin, you truly feel like there's nothing there at all. The colors of the foundations also blend seamlessly. I work in a portrait studio and I'm chasing kids around in a blazing hot camera room almost 10 hours a day and my makeup never once melts off or gets smudged! I will do nothing but sing praises for this company and I have plans to recruit more customers! Again thank you so much to Elegant Minerals for helping me with my acne. You don't know how much it means to me to not have to look at the mirror everyday and cringe at what I see. This company is truly a life saver! With much love and gratitude from Krysta in Lincolnton, NC. LUV IT!! I am a first-time customer and so glad I decided to go-for-it and ordered the larger size of your foundation and eye shadow instead of the sampler. I am a woman of color with a pink undertone and cinnamon/coffee colored skin. My biggest surprise came after applying the Geisha White Rice Powder. It glided on so smoothly and was totally transparent!!! On my bare skin as well as over the foundation. I have never experienced the closeness in color/tone and evenness of coverage that I got from using the Sienna and Sable foundation powders. I use the Sable on my chin and forehead and the Sienna on my cheeks/jawline. They blend seamlessly together. I have a few small dark spots (from occasional breakouts) and I found it easy to use my concealer brush to add a bit more powder to those areas. I will probably use the Sable with a bit of the Sienna mixed in during the winter when I'm paler. The eye shadows are glorious: the Eclipse is wonderful wet, as a dramatic liner or applied dry and smudged for a smoldering look. My only complaint is that I didn't get a larger size of the Rice Powder! I pan to tell all my friends about your products and look forward to trying the rest of your line. Oh, thanks for the Passion lipstick sample - great choice - as you can see it's perfect! SaroyaThe Look: EM Foundation Powder - Sienna cheeks/jawline & Sable forhead/chin, Geisha White Rice Powder for primer & to setEyes: EM shadow - Phoenix (F) on brow, EM shadow- Poinsettia (F) in creaseEyeliner: EM shadow - Eclipse (used wet)Lips: EM lipstick - PassionThanks for the great pics Saroya! YOUR MINERAL MAKEUP IS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. I AM 51 AND A DIALYSIS PATIENT WHICH HAS CAUSED NUMEROUS SKIN PROBLEMS AND MAJOR ALLERGIES TO MAKEUP, I AM NOTICING CONSIDERABLE IMPROVEMENTS IN MY SKIN AND HAVE NO IRRITATION FROM THIS GREAT MAKEUP ( I CAN ALSO COVER THE DAMAGE ALREADY DONE) THIS GIVES ME FAR MORE CONFIDENCE - THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR OFFERING SUCH GREAT PRODUCTS. AS A VEGETARIAN AND A GREAT BELIEVER IN NATURAL PRODUCTS IT IS NICE TO KNOW THAT ONE CAN USE MAKEUP AND NOT ABUSE EITHER ANIMALS OR OURSELVES. ONCE AGAIN I THANK YOU I found elegant minerals while searching for a mineral makeup company that didn't require me join a "club", and receive makeup whether I needed it or not. I stumbled across your company, and was very pleased when I found that your prices were considerably less than other brands I had seen. I ordered a travel kit and decided to give it a try. I loved the makeup, and ordered a larger kit. While on the website one evening, I called the help line with a question. After speaking with the sales associate, and several other of your employees, I decided to become an independent distributor. Now I save even MORE on my own makeup, have a nice part time income and best of all, I can share your wonderful product with all of my family and friends! Who knew that one night of surfing the web would end like this? Thanks for always treating me like "your very first customer". It is nice to know that there are still companies out there that understand that service is critical to success, and I am thrilled to be a part of yours! Krista Pottier, Wichita, Kansas (She evently became an Independent Distributor) Your products are great. In the past I often thought about ordering mineral make-up from the "Big" company that has the daily infomercials. I hesitated for several reasons, one being the cost. I came across Elegant Minerals via the internet and throughly reviewed the site. I was impressed with the many choices of colors and various skin care products. That coupled with the affordable prices, I had to give Elegant Minerals a try. I ordered online and within a few days my package was delivered to me, including Gift Rap! My package contained 2 travel kits and several 1 cent samples to give to family and friends. We were all so impressed with the products. The foundation matched perfectly and application was very simple. You truly feel like you have nothing on your skin! My daughters and their friends praise Elegant Minerals. Elegant Minerals is our make-up of choice. Constance, Los Angeles Ca Just wanted to drop a quick line to let you know how much I enjoy wearing Elegant Minerals makeup.I had given up on wearing makeup in college after deciding it was too time consuming, too messy, and never the right shade. Now at age 40-something, I realized I needed a little "help" to look my best. I came across your site while researching an expensive product I had seen an "infomercial" about. I was excited at the prospect of trying out many different shades for only a penny. I actually bought two different sample kits, a brush and an "at-home" kit. I had enormous fun playing with the sample colors, and found one that was just right! How wonderful! And how perfect when a buy one, get one free special ran the next month! I love how easy the foundation is to apply, how light and breathable it feels, and how "blended" all my patchy spots on my face look. I feel better about my face than I have in years. My friends and family all comment on how healthy and glowing I look and my husband's newest compliment is, "Your skin looks nicely blended today!" Thank you for a great product, excellent customer service, and affordable prices. I wish buying everything was as satisfying as you have made this experience! Sincerely, Cara from Allentown, PA Dear Elegant Minerals I just wanted to write and let you know how happy I am with the product I was sent. I had heard about mineral makeup from some advertising at home but that particular company locks you into a contract which is what I didn't want and that is how I found your company instead and thought I should give it a try. Once I had found the right shade for my skin and had a couple times at applying, I was and am just over the moon with it. Its so simple to use and does everything the product claims to do. Its just gives me a really nice finish. Its also the most non drying makeup I have ever used and it actually makes putting makeup enjoyable again. I just love it. So cheers from an Aussie girl down under. Chuck all your other makeup away for good!! Just wanted to let you guys know how much I love your mineral makeup! I love that you offer makeup that is both affordably priced and healthy for your body. I also love that you offer samples so I can try out all the colors before I buy a big jar. When I recieved my first few samples, I was honestly in shock because they were so big for the amount you charge. I've ordered from other companies and I got literally the tiniest pinch in a baggie, not even enough for a full application. I've been using my samples this entire week and I still have plenty left. I've recommended you to all of my friends and family. Thank you! Amanda