"Starter Travel Kit" - Medium-Dark w/ FREE Natural Brush

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Non-micronized Titanium dioxide, sericite, iron oxides, mica, +/-ultramarine blue.
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We are rated as, "CHAMPION!" this product has a safe score of "1", They score products from 0-10, the lower the number, the better the score!
Non-micronized Titanium dioxide, sericite, iron oxides, mica, +/- tin oxide +/-ultramarine blue.
Eye Shadows:
Non-micronized Titanium dioxide, sericite, iron oxides, mica, +/- tin oxide +/-ultramarine blue.
Setting Powders:
Non-micronized Titanium dioxide, sericite, iron oxides, mica, +/-ultramarine blue.
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This amount mineral makeup travel kit has everything you need to get started. It'll last approx. 4-6 weeks depending on usage.

Travel Kit contains:

2 x Mineral Foundations or Ultimate Concealers (5 gram jar by volume) Our loose mineral foundation is semi-matte & can be applied dry with a powder brush or mixed with a facial moisturizer for sensitive or dry skin. Our semi-matte finish foundation provides full coverage and is long-lasting. Our formula goes on so light you'll hardly know it's there and you'll have no caking! They can be worn after a cosmetic procedure such as a micro-dermabrasion session to cover the redness and promote the healing process.

1 x Mineral Blush/Bronzer (5 gram jar by volume) Our setting powders (also known as mineral vels) are light-weight, goes on sheer, and is exceptionally long-wearing. Apply after your foundation. This formula is designed for normal to dry skin. If you're looking for a mineral veil for oil-control or acne prone skin, try our Mineral Rice Powders. This will give you the professional finish you're looking for. It will minimizes pores, diminishes the appearance of fine lines, and wrinkles. Our natural ingredients will improve your skin.

1 x Mineral Eye Shadow (5 gram jar by volume) Our 100% pure, natural and long-wearing mineral eye shadow adds depth and brightens the eyes. No preservatives, no chemicals, & no dyes, only pure crushed minerals. Use the lighter shades to give your eye a lift or apply them wet as an eyeliner.

1 x Mineral Setting Powder (5 gram jar by volume) Our 100% pure and natural loose mineral long-wearing blushes & bronzers are silky & sheer. They are easy to blend. These will give you great color using very little makeup. Keep in mind, our mineral makeup will go a long way.

1 x 6" Two-toned Synthetic Talon Hair Kabuki Powder Brush with black handle. This toothbrush design is popular this year. This versatile blender brush is great for applying your mineral foundation, setting powders, and blushes. 
Ultra soft highly dense bristles measures 6 inches total length.

Our mineral makeup products are free of harmful ingredients. They Do Not contain any of the following:


-      No Micronized minerals (contains nano-particles)

-      No Coated minerals

-      No Preservatives

-      No Talc

-      No Bismuth Oxychloride (causes itching, breakouts, redness)

-      No Synthetic dyes

-      No Parabens

-      No Carmine (crushed beetle shells)

-      No Fragrances

-      No PetroChemicals

-      Non-comedogenic / won't clog pores

-      No Animal Testing / cruelty Free

-      Not too shiny/sparkly (our mineral foundations are considered semi-matte)

-      MADE in USA. VEGAN friendly


Mineral Foundations: Cool Tones - Pink Undertones arranged from lightest to darkest.117 Fair Ivory: For extremely light porcelain skin with pink undertones. 101 Light Bisque: For very light skin with peaches and cream undertones. 109 Rose Beige: For light-medium skin with pink undertones. 125 Rose Buff: For light-medium skin with pink and slightly ashen. 112 Warm Rose: Darker than Rose Beige. For light-medium beige skin with pink undertones. 121 Deep Rose: For beige skin with deep rose undertones by nature or from long exposure to the sun. 114 Nutmeg: For medium-dark skin, middle eastern decent, with undertones of red & bronze. 132 Honey Rose: A medium tan. (color match to, “HONEY BISQUE” by B.E.) 119 Amber: For medium-dark skin. For those with medium red undertones. 120 Sienna: For dark latins, native americans, middle eastern decent, or women of color. Neutral Tones - Pink & Yellow Undertones arranged from lightest to darkest. 122 Simply White: A white foundation. 129: For very fair neutral skin. 127 Natural Wheat: A color between Golden Wheat and Beige. For light Beige skin.(mix 1 scoop of 113 + 1 scoop 127 to get, "FAIRLY LIGHT" by B.E.) 130 Natural Almond: Similar to Natural Wheat, with more olive tones. 110 Beige: A light medium shade. It has great balance. (color match to, "MEDIUM BIEGE" by B.E., just a tiny fraction darker) 116 Natural Honey: For medium skin, neutral to golden undertones. For lightly tanned skin. 104 Golden Tan: For lightly tanned skin by sun or tanning bed with slight pink undertones. 111 Dark Tan: For tanned skin by sun or tanning bed with slight yellow undertones. 133 Mocha Latte: For dark neutral skin with ashen skin. 107 Sable: For classic medium-dark complexions with red undertones. 108 Mocha: For dark/ rich espresso skin, red & golden undertones. 134 Rich Mocha: A dark rich expresso with golden & red undertones. (color match to, “WARM DEEP” by. B.E.) 118 Expresso: For very dark skin with red & blue undertones. Warm Tones - Yellow Undertones arranged from lightest to darkest. 102 Golden Wheat: A shade for light skin with neutral and slight golden undertones. 128 Golden Light: A for light skin with slightly yellow undertones. 103 Cornsilk: For light-medium skin with yellow undertones. 113 Sandstone: For light-medium skin with both yellow/neutral undertones. (mix 1 scoop of 113 + 1 scoop 127 to get, "FAIRLY LIGHT" by B.E.) 135: Buttercup: Similar to Sandstone with more olive tones. 124 Medium Buff: For medium tanned skin by sun or tanning bed with slight yellow undertones. 115 Dark Honey: For medium skin, caramel brown for darker skin with undertones of gold & bronze. (classic caramel candy color) 105 Honey Beige: For medium skin, a rich caramel-brown for darker skin, with undertones of gold, red & bronze. 106 Golden Bisque: For medium-dark skin with undertones of yellow/gold and bronze. 126 Warm Expresso: For very dark skin with red & blue undertones with hints of bronze. Mineral Blushes/Bronzers: 501 Primrose: A cool semi-matte medium smokey lilac.
502 Crimson Brown: A rich semi-matte blend of copper with a hint of rich mauve.
503 Light Primrose: A semi-matte blend of medium mauve & light lilac.
504 Terra Cotta: A semi-matte blend of apricot & pink (natural light touch of color)
505 Summer Glow Bronzer: A medium semi-matte cinnamon and golden honey.
506 Peaches N Cream: A semi-matte creamy peach & light rose.(darker than terra cotta)
507 Brown Shimmer: A semi-matte dark cinnamon brown bronzer.
508 Wild Rose: A bold & rich semi-matte mulberry mauve.
509 Pink Glow Bronzer: A light & creamy semi-matte pink bronzer.
510 Light Merlot: A matte pink & mauve.
511 Rosewood: A matte blend of brown and rose.
512 Orchid: A matte color. A classic pink.
513 Pale Apricot: A matte neutral beige blend of pink & peach.
514 Natural Glow: A semi-matte. Neither pink or coral, just a touch of color.
515 Passion Glow: A medium natural bronzer with a blend of a hint of mauve & light brown.
516 Light Coral: A cheerful natural orange. For lighter skin or use as a highlighter for darker skin tones.
517 Coral: A warm medium orange. Great for medium to medium-dark skin tones.
518 Tan Glow: A semi-matte. Not too pink, not too orange. This has great balance for any time of year!
519 Bronze Glow: A shimmering medium sandy coral brown.
520 Peach Bronze: A shimmering light coral and pink sandy brown.
521 Golden Bronze: A medium-dark brown with a shimmering gold.
522 Wild Pink: A vibrant light and shimmery baby pink.
523 Crimson Rose: A medium berry and coral blend. semi-matte
524 Berry Bronze: A blend of mauve and bronze shimmer.
525 Blushing Roses: A deep cranberry shimmer.
526 Light Bronze: A semi-matte neutral light sandy brown.
527 Pink Roses: A shimmering pink with a hint of mauve.
528 Warm Glow: An all over bronzer. (Color match to B.E., WARMTH)

Mineral Eye Shadows:
301 Sultry Mauve: A seductive semi-matte blend of mauve & smokey lilac.
302 Dark Teal: A dark semi-matte charcoal Teal. A great eyeliner.
303 Indian Red: A semi-matte blend of light mauve-lilac & hint of light brown.
304 Peru: A light semi-matte blend of apricot, pink & brown. 305 Khaki: A medium matte green olive & cream.
306 Brown Sugar: A slightly shimmering warm & rich copper brown.
307 Poinsettia: A stunning rich mulberry mauve.
308 Egyptian Gold: A light semi-matte gold.
309 Passion Fruit: A pink & coral blend.
310 Cool Mist: A light shimmering green-gray.
311 Slate: A medium semi-matte slate green-gray.
312 True Lilac: A semi-matte cool medium Lilac.
313 Smokey Black: A matte off-black. A great eyeliner.
314 Apricot: A semi-matte medium coral.
315 Antique Red: A semi-matte sultry dark red with hints of purple. Stunning at night.
316 Blue Horizon: A semi-matte cool light blue.
317 Pale Orchid: A semi-matte dusty rose.
318 Cotton Candy: A slightly shimmery classic light pink.
319 Moonlight: A semi-matte smoky blue-gray.
320 True Cream: The lightest semi-matte ivory with a touch of pink & gold.
321 Latte: A matte medium cream. Can reduce pink & blues on the eyelids.
322 Oak: A matte medium-dark brown. A great eyeliner. 323 Dove: A matte snow white.
324 Comet Dust: A pearlized semi-matte white. 325 Silver Bullet: light-metallic silver.
326 Blue Smoke: A semi-matte medium-dark blue-gray.
327 Rainforest: A semi-matte medium-dark emerald peacock green.
328 Purple Rain: A popular medium manic purple with an elegant sheen.
329 Seafoam: A light semi-matte mint green.
330 Purple Haze: A semi-matte purple-gray.
331 Antique Gold: A classic slightly shimmering 24k gold color.
332 Blue Metal: Our darkest semi-matte deep blue.
333 Cold Steele: A popular look of polished metal.
334 Phoenix: A slightly shimmering sultry coral, darker than apricot.
335 Purple Smoke: A deep semi-matte, eggplant.
336 Eclipse: Our darkest semi-matte black.
337 Desert Brown: A medium neutral brown. Not too red. Not too orange.
338 Deep Cocoa: Darkest matte neutral brown. A brunette eyebrow color.
339 Light Desert: Light neutral sandy brown. A great blonde eyebrow color.
340: Pink Coral: A matte pink, light mauve & coral, darker than 318 Cotton Candy.