"Starter Travel Kit" - Lightest w/ FREE Natural Brush

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Non-micronized Titanium dioxide, sericite, iron oxides, mica, ultramarine blue.
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We are rated as, "CHAMPION!" this product has a safe score of "1", They score products from 0-10, the lower the number, the better the score!
Non-micronized Titanium dioxide, sericite, iron oxides, mica, +/- tin oxide +/-ultramarine blue.
Eye Shadows:
Non-micronized Titanium dioxide, sericite, iron oxides, mica, +/- tin oxide +/-ultramarine blue.
Setting Powders:
Non-micronized Titanium dioxide, sericite, iron oxides, mica, +/-ultramarine blue.
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This amount will last 4-6 weeks depending on usage. The Travel Kit contains: 2 Mineral Foundations (5g by volume) 1 Mineral Blush (5g by volume) 1 Mineral Eye Shadow (5g by volume) 1 Mineral Setting Powder (5g by volume) 1 5 1/4" Natural Goat Hair Powder Brush

Our mineral makeup products are free of harmful ingredients. They do not contain any of the following: - No micronized minerals/nano-particles

- No coated minerals

- No preservatives

- No talc

- No Bismuth Oxychloride. Bismuth Oxychloride is well known for causing many women's skin to become itchy, breakout, turn red, or all of the above!

- No Synthetic dyes

- No parabens

- No carmine

- No fragrances

- No PetroChemicals

- Non-comedogenic -Will not clog pores

- Cruelty Free - No Animal Testing

Ingredients: Titanium dioxide, sericite, iron oxides, mica and ultramarine blue.

Mineral Foundations:
Cool Tones - Pink Undertones arranged from lightest to darkest.
117 Fair Ivory: For extremely light porcelain skin with pink undertones.
101 Light Bisque: For very light skin with peaches and cream undertones.
109 Rose Beige: For light-medium skin with pink undertones.
125 Rose Buff: For light-medium skin with pink and slightly ashen.

Neutral Tones - Pink & Yellow Undertones arranged from lightest to darkest.
122 Simply White: A white foundation.
129: For very fair neutral skin.
127 Natural Wheat: A color between Golden Wheat and Beige. For light Beige skin.(mix 1 scoop of 113 + 1 scoop 127 to get, "FAIRLY LIGHT" by B.E.)
130 Natural Almond: Similar to Natural Wheat, with more olive tones.
110 Beige: A light medium shade. It has great balance. (color match to, "MEDIUM BIEGE" by B.E., just a tiny fraction darker)

Warm Tones - Yellow Undertones arranged from lightest to darkest.
102 Golden Wheat: A shade for light skin with neutral and slight golden undertones.
128 Golden Light: A for light skin with slightly yellow undertones.
103 Cornsilk: For light-medium skin with yellow undertones.
113 Sandstone: For light-medium skin with both yellow/neutral undertones. (mix 1 scoop of 113 + 1 scoop 127 to get, "FAIRLY LIGHT" by B.E.)
135: Buttercup: Similar to Sandstone with more olive tones.

Mineral Blushes/Bronzers:
501 Primrose: A cool semi-matte medium smokey lilac.
502 Crimson Brown: A rich semi-matte blend of copper with a hint of rich mauve.
503 Light Primrose: A semi-matte blend of medium mauve & light lilac.
504 Terra Cotta: A semi-matte blend of apricot & pink (natural light touch of color)
505 Summer Glow Bronzer: A medium semi-matte cinnamon and golden honey.
506 Peaches N Cream: A semi-matte creamy peach & light rose.(darker than terra cotta)
507 Brown Shimmer: A semi-matte dark cinnamon brown bronzer.
508 Wild Rose: A bold & rich semi-matte mulberry mauve.
509 Pink Glow Bronzer: A light & creamy semi-matte pink bronzer.
510 Light Merlot: A matte pink & mauve.
511 Rosewood: A matte blend of brown and rose.
512 Orchid: A matte color. A classic pink.
513 Pale Apricot: A matte neutral beige blend of pink & peach.
514 Natural Glow: A semi-matte. Neither pink or coral, just a touch of color.
515 Passion Glow: A medium natural bronzer with a blend of a hint of mauve & light brown.
516 Light Coral: A cheerful natural orange. For lighter skin or use as a highlighter for darker skin tones.
517 Coral: A warm medium orange. Great for medium to medium-dark skin tones.
518 Tan Glow: A semi-matte. Not too pink, not too orange. This has great balance for any time of year!
519 Bronze Glow: A shimmering medium sandy coral brown.
520 Peach Bronze: A shimmering light coral and pink sandy brown.
521 Golden Bronze: A medium-dark brown with a shimmering gold.
522 Wild Pink: A vibrant light and shimmery baby pink.
523 Crimson Rose: A medium berry and coral blend. semi-matte
524 Berry Bronze: A blend of mauve and bronze shimmer.
525 Blushing Roses: A deep cranberry shimmer.
526 Light Bronze: A semi-matte neutral light sandy brown.
527 Pink Roses: A shimmering pink with a hint of mauve.
528 Warm Glow: An all over bronzer. (Color match to B.E., WARMTH)

Mineral Eye Shadows:
301 Sultry Mauve: A seductive semi-matte blend of mauve & smokey lilac.
302 Dark Teal: A dark semi-matte charcoal Teal. A great eyeliner.
303 Indian Red: A semi-matte blend of light mauve-lilac & hint of light brown.
304 Peru: A light semi-matte blend of apricot, pink & brown. 305 Khaki: A medium matte green olive & cream.
306 Brown Sugar: A slightly shimmering warm & rich copper brown.
307 Poinsettia: A stunning rich mulberry mauve.
308 Egyptian Gold: A light semi-matte gold.
309 Passion Fruit: A pink & coral blend.
310 Cool Mist: A light shimmering green-gray.
311 Slate: A medium semi-matte slate green-gray.
312 True Lilac: A semi-matte cool medium Lilac.
313 Smokey Black: A matte off-black. A great eyeliner.
314 Apricot: A semi-matte medium coral.
315 Antique Red: A semi-matte sultry dark red with hints of purple. Stunning at night.
316 Blue Horizon: A semi-matte cool light blue.
317 Pale Orchid: A semi-matte dusty rose.
318 Cotton Candy: A slightly shimmery classic light pink.
319 Moonlight: A semi-matte smoky blue-gray.
320 True Cream: The lightest semi-matte ivory with a touch of pink & gold.
321 Latte: A matte medium cream. Can reduce pink & blues on the eyelids.
322 Oak: A matte medium-dark brown. A great eyeliner. 323 Dove: A matte snow white.
324 Comet Dust: A pearlized semi-matte white. 325 Silver Bullet: light-metallic silver.
326 Blue Smoke: A semi-matte medium-dark blue-gray.
327 Rainforest: A semi-matte medium-dark emerald peacock green.
328 Purple Rain: A popular medium manic purple with an elegant sheen.
329 Seafoam: A light semi-matte mint green.
330 Purple Haze: A semi-matte purple-gray.
331 Antique Gold: A classic slightly shimmering 24k gold color.
332 Blue Metal: Our darkest semi-matte deep blue.
333 Cold Steele: A popular look of polished metal.
334 Phoenix: A slightly shimmering sultry coral, darker than apricot.
335 Purple Smoke: A deep semi-matte, eggplant.
336 Eclipse: Our darkest semi-matte black.
337 Desert Brown: A medium neutral brown. Not too red. Not too orange.
338 Deep Cocoa: Darkest matte neutral brown. A brunette eyebrow color.
339 Light Desert: Light neutral sandy brown. A great blonde eyebrow color.
340: Pink Coral: A matte pink, light mauve & coral, darker than 318 Cotton Candy.