Natural SPF-15 Mineral Foundation

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Non-micronized Titanium dioxide, sericite, iron oxides, mica, ultramarine blue.
How to Apply:
1. Turn the jar over and tap a small amount of foundation into the lid. 2. Swirl your brush in the foundation; tap the excess back into the lid. 3. Apply it in short, circular strokes, gently buffing the minerals.
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We are rated as, "CHAMPION!" this product has a safe score of "1-2", They score products from 0-10, the lower the number, the better the score!
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Elegant Minerals loose mineral foundation is semi-matte & can be applied dry with a powder brush or mixed with a facial moisturizer for sensitive or dry skin. Our semi-matte finish foundation provides full coverage and is long-lasting. Our formula goes on so light you'll hardly know it's there and you'll have no caking! They can be worn after a cosmetic procedure such as a micro-dermabrasion session to cover the redness and promote the healing process.

If you have problem skin, including conditions such as acne and rosacea, you will see an improvement in your skin when you start using our natural cosmetic line and stop applying commercial brand products. All of our products are cruelty-free. No animal testing.
Select the size you would like and the price will be reduced for each smaller size.

30g jar will last approx. 6-7-months= $21.00
20g jar will last approx. 4-6-months= $15.00
10g jar will last approx. 2-3 months = $9.00
5g jar will last approx. 4-6 weeks = $6.00

Not sure which color will work best? Try our sample jars for 1.00. Click here to go to our foundation sample page.
Our mineral makeup products are free of harmful ingredients. They Do Not contain any of the following:


checkmark-icon.png No Micronized minerals (contains nano-particles)

checkmark-icon.png NON-GMO

checkmark-icon.png No Coated minerals

checkmark-icon.png No Preservatives

checkmark-icon.png No Talc

checkmark-icon.png No Bismuth Oxychloride (causes itching, breakouts, redness)

checkmark-icon.png No Synthetic dyes / chemically made FD& C Dyes

checkmark-icon.png No Parabens

checkmark-icon.png No Carmine (crushed beetle shells)

checkmark-icon.png No Artificial Fragrances

checkmark-icon.png Non-comedogenic / won't clog pores

checkmark-icon.png No Animal Testing / cruelty Free

checkmark-icon.png  Not too shiny/sparkly (our mineral foundations are considered semi-matte)

checkmark-icon.png  MADE in USA. VEGAN friendly

Cool Tones - Pink Undertones arranged from lightest to darkest. 117 Fair Ivory: For extremely light porcelain skin with pink undertones. 101 Light Bisque: For very light skin with peaches and cream undertones. 109 Rose Beige: For light-medium skin with pink undertones. 125 Rose Buff: For light-medium skin with pink and slightly ashen. 112 Warm Rose: Darker than Rose Beige. For light-medium beige skin with pink undertones. 121 Deep Rose: For beige skin with deep rose undertones by nature or from long exposure to the sun. 114 Nutmeg: For medium-dark skin, middle eastern decent, with undertones of red & bronze. 132 Honey Rose: A medium tan. Color match to, “Honey Bisque” by B.E. 119 Amber: For medium-dark skin. For those with medium red undertones. 120 Sienna: For dark latins, native americans, middle eastern decent, or women of color. Neutral Tones - Pink & Yellow Undertones arranged from lightest to darkest. 122 Simply White: A white foundation. 129: For very fair neutral skin. 127 Natural Wheat: A color between Golden Wheat and Beige. For light Beige skin. 130 Natural Almond: Similar to Natural Wheat, with more olive tones. 110 Beige: A light medium shade, It has great balance not too pink, not too yellow. (mix 1 scoop 110 Beige with 2 scoops of 136 Med. Almond to match Medium Beige by B.E.) 136 Medium Almond: A neutral shade, one shade darker than Natural Almond,2014 NEW SHADE by Popular Demand!! 116 Natural Honey: For medium skin, neutral to golden undertones. For lightly tanned skin. 104 Golden Tan: For lightly tanned skin by sun or tanning bed with slight pink undertones. 111 Dark Tan: For tanned skin by sun or tanning bed with slight yellow undertones. 133 Mocha Latte: For dark neutral skin with ashen skin. 107 Sable: For classic medium-dark complexions with red undertones. 108 Mocha: For dark/ rich espresso skin, red & golden undertones. 134 Rich Mocha: A dark rich expresso with golden & red undertones. Color match to, “Warm Deep” by. B.E. 118 Expresso: For very dark skin with red & blue undertones. Warm Tones - Yellow Undertones arranged from lightest to darkest. 102 Golden Wheat: A shade for light skin with neutral and slight golden undertones. 128 Golden Light: A for light skin with slightly yellow undertones. 103 Cornsilk: For light-medium skin with yellow undertones. 113 Sandstone: For light-medium skin with both yellow/neutral undertones. 135: Buttercup: Similar to Sandstone with more olive tones. 124 Medium Buff: For medium tanned skin by sun or tanning bed with slight yellow undertones. 115 Dark Honey: For medium skin, caramel brown for darker skin with undertones of gold & bronze. (The classic color of caramel candy.) 105 Honey Beige: For medium skin, a rich caramel-brown for darker skin, with undertones of gold, red & bronze. 106 Golden Bisque: For medium-dark skin with undertones of yellow/gold and bronze. 126 Warm Expresso: For very dark skin with red & blue undertones with hints of bronze.

18 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Joy on 2nd May 2020

    I have used this mineral foundation for several years. I love it! It's light on my face but gives a nice cover too.

  • 5

    Posted by Shirley on 6th Apr 2019

    This powder foundation works well. Its organic which is very important to me and the color shade is perfect.

  • 5

    Posted by Allison P on 29th Jun 2018

    I have been forced to give up foundation because every brand I have tried has caused MILIA. I love this mineral foundation that is light enough for my pale complexion and feels so comfortable to wear.Most importantly, no more milia.

  • 5
    Great mineral foundation

    Posted by Lana on 20th Nov 2016

    I've tried many mineral foundations and this one is the best for me. It has a great coverage, natural finish and feels wonderful on the skin. It is long lasting, too and it doesn't clog pores.

  • 5
    Fabulous mineral make-up!!

    Posted by Gayla Parish on 2nd Aug 2016

    I just love this mineral make-up!! It doesn't cause itching like other products that I have used in the past. It has great coverage and colors. It's very natural and feels good. I love it!!

  • 5
    The natural look

    Posted by Angela on 26th Jun 2016

    This foundation is great! It doesn't cause me to break out like other brands. It looks very natural too. A friend told me he couldn't even tell I was wearing make up!

  • 5
    Grea, flawless coverage that doesn't dry my skin

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Jun 2015

    I have acne prone skin. Once I switched from BE to this foundation, I have had a significant improvement in my skin. Less breakouts and less redness! Lots of colors to get a perfect match. Great coverage that lasts all day and doesn't get on my white clothes. This is the best mineral foundation. Appreciate that it is non-toxic! Excellent price too!

  • 5
    Great look and non toxic

    Posted by Celeste on 10th Jun 2015

    Makeup doesn't have to be toxic to work...this is a great example of a safe product that also does a good job of covering flaws and giving a nice look

  • 5
    most natural looking minerals

    Posted by Susan on 20th Mar 2015

    After finding my color with the samples I bought 5 grams. I have used bare minerals, sheer cover, and some drugstore brands and this foundation feels and looks the best. It last longer too.

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