Frosted Natural SPF-15 Mineral Eye Shadow (metallic)

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Non-micronized Titanium dioxide, sericite, iron oxides, mica and ultramarine blue.
To Use:
With an eye shadow brush, touch the bristles into a small amount of eye shadow powder, then tap a little back into the jar. Next, lightly sweep the color across the lids.
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Wow! These look great for a night on the town, holiday or festivals. Our 100% pure and natural loose mineral long-wearing mineral eye shadow adds depth and brightens the eyes. Use the lighter shades to give your eye a lift or apply them wet as an eyeliner.

These are all metallic mineral eye shadows. Similar to our original more subtle shade. The, "F" in front of the number code indicates the shade is also shimmery/sparkly (metallic)

When applied wet or with our PRIMER you'll achieve an even MORE Bold, radiant, and longer-lasting color.

Every jar is filled to capacity, you'll always receive our full-sized containers FULL!

Not sure which color to choose? Try our sample jars for just $1.00!


ü      No Micronized minerals/nano-particles

ü      No Coated minerals

ü      No Preservatives

ü      No Talc

ü      No Bismuth Oxychloride (causes itching, breakouts, redness)

ü      No Synthetic dyes

ü      No Parabens

ü      No Carmine (crushed beetle shells)

ü      No Fragrances

ü      No PetroChemicals

ü      Non-comedogenic / won't clog pores

ü      No Animal Testing / cruelty Free

ü      Not too shiny/sparkly (our mineral foundations are considered semi-matte)

ü      MADE in USA. VEGAN friendly

Our 100% pure crushed loose mineral eye shadows contain only natural ingredients: Titanium dioxide, sericite, iron oxides, mica and ultramarine blue.

301 Sultry Mauve: A seductive semi-matte blend of mauve & smokey lilac. 302 Dark Teal: A dark semi-matte charcoal Teal. A great eyeliner. 303 Indian Red: A semi-matte blend of light mauve-lilac & hint of light brown. 304 Peru: A light semi-matte blend of apricot, pink & brown. 305 Khaki: A medium matte green olive & cream. 306 Brown Sugar: A slightly shimmering warm & rich copper brown. 307 Poinsettia: A stunning rich mulberry mauve. 308 Egyptian Gold: A light semi-matte gold. 309 Passion Fruit: A pink & coral blend. 310 Cool Mist: A light shimmering green-gray. 311 Slate: A medium semi-matte slate green-gray. 312 True Lilac: A semi-matte cool medium Lilac. 313 Smokey Black: A matte off-black. A great eyeliner. 314 Apricot: A semi-matte medium coral. 315 Antique Red: A semi-matte sultry dark red with hints of purple. Stunning at night. 316 Blue Horizon: A semi-matte cool light blue. 317 Pale Orchid: A semi-matte dusty rose. 318 Cotton Candy: A slightly shimmery classic light pink. 319 Moonlight: A semi-matte smoky blue-gray. 320 True Cream: The lightest semi-matte ivory with a touch of pink & gold. 321 Latte: A matte medium cream. Can reduce pink & blues on the eyelids. 322 Oak: A matte medium-dark brown. A great eyeliner. 323 Dove: A matte snow white. 324 Comet Dust: A pearlized semi-matte white. 325 Silver Bullet: light-metallic silver. 326 Blue Smoke: A semi-matte medium-dark blue-gray. 327 Rainforest: A semi-matte medium-dark emerald peacock green. 328 Purple Rain: A popular medium manic purple with an elegant sheen. 329 Seafoam: A light semi-matte mint green. 330 Purple Haze: A semi-matte purple-gray. 331 Antique Gold: A classic slightly shimmering 24k gold color. 332 Blue Metal: Our darkest semi-matte deep blue. 333 Cold Steele: A popular look of polished metal. 334 Phoenix: A slightly shimmering sultry coral, darker than apricot. 335 Purple Smoke: A deep semi-matte, eggplant. 336 Eclipse: Our darkest semi-matte black. 337 Desert Brown: A medium neutral brown. Not too red. Not too orange. 338 Deep Cocoa: Darkest matte neutral brown. A brunette eyebrow color. 339 Light Desert: Light neutral sandy brown. A great blonde eyebrow color. 340: Pink Coral: A matte pink, light mauve & coral, darker than 318 Cotton Candy.

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    Posted by Allison Padulsky on 29th Jun 2018

    Beautiful eyeshadows and a slight shimmer. Very comfortable to wear and I did not have any allergic reaction.