Container/Jar Size Info.

 Volume vs. Weight

 As an Eco-friendly company… We fill our jar to the TOP! (by volume) saving you money and helping to save our planet!

The photos below, are a few examples of companies selling their mineral makeup by weight!


OTHER companies will use a Large 20g or 30g jar and send you very little product.

Comparing jar sizes can be a little confusing a when you're purchasing mineral cosmetics... 

  • When a product is filled by weight, the company will weigh the product and place it into the cosmetic jar. (weight does not include the jar, lid, or sifter.)
  • When a product is filled by volume. It means the cosmetic jar is filled to the capacity of the jar, (all the way to the top)


Q. What does it mean when EM fill your makeup jars by volume?

A. It means we fill our regular-sized jar all the way to the top.

Q. Have you ever received a mineral makeup jar that was not full?

A. Many times a company will sell a large jar & fill the jar by the weight of the product. Often times the jar will arrive 1/2 empty...  

it leaves you wondering... What happened?

Mineral makeup varies in weight. Foundations weigh different from eye shadows, setting powders weigh different from blushes etc... so  when companies measure by weight, some of your containers may arrive full, while others will arrive 1/2 empty.

Here at Elegant Minerals, LLC we offer premium bare mineral products at the best price possible.

That's why we fill our regular size products: 5 gram jars, 10 gram jars, 20 gram jars & 30 gram jars all the way to the top. Every time! No guessing!


WE fill our jars to capacity, here is what our containers can hold.

30g jars can hold between 9-11 grams of weight in makeup

20g jars can hold approx. 5 grams of weight in makeup

10g jars can hold approx. 3.25-3.75 grams of weight in makeup

5g jars can hold approx. 1.2 - 1.5 grams of weight in makeup