BULK SPF-15 Mineral Eye Shadow

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Our 100% pure and natural BULK mineral eye shadow will add depth and brightens the eyes. Use the lighter shades to give your eye a lift or apply them wet as an eyeliner.

Our color chart is always growing! We listen to You! Let us know which colors your customers are asking you for.

We manufacture all of our colors. They are exclusively available through Elegant Minerals. We use the highest quality ingredients available on the market. Buying in bulk will give you the highest profit margin.

BULK Mineral Makeup is packaged in bags (not jars) every bag has an exterior bag to help prevent spills.

Available in the following sizes:

2 oz. / 56.69
4 oz./113.39 g
8 oz. /226.79
1 lb. /.45 kg

How many jars will this fill?
2 oz. = 6 x 30g jars
4 oz. = 12 x 30g jars
8 oz. = 24 x 30g jars
16 oz. = 54 x 30g jars
5 lbs. = 270 x 30g jars
10 lbs. = 540 x 30g jars
25 lbs. = 1350 x 30g jars
These are approximate values.

Note: When packaging your BULK mineral makeup into your containers, you must have a clean work area.