7pc VEGAN Professional Mermaid Brush Set & Bag

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You will love this colorful vegan brush set! The quality and softness of natural bristle without animal hair.

Large 9 inch multi-color fish scale makeup bag. This set includes a black interior to increase durability with zipper closure.  

These brushes are soo adorable and the colors are perfect for summer! They all have a mermaid tail. The tail is a vibrant glittery pink color and fades to purple, some blue, turquoise, then gold, The handles are plastic with aluminum ferrule. The textured handles make them comfortable to use. The bristles are soft yet have a strong powder catching force, to cling to the natural minerals in our makeup, so it's suitable for quick application.

Your 7 pc Set includes:

4.5 inch foundation/blush or brush ,
7.+ inch large shadow brush,
7.+ inch medium shadow brush,
7.+ inch small shadow brush, 
7 inch large lip brush, 
7.5 inch brow/lash brush,

 To clean: Choose a mild cleansing lotion, such as baby shampoo / shampoo, or olive oil bar.