Our 100% pure and natural loose mineral long-wearing mineral eye shadow adds depth and brightens the eyes. Packaged in easy to use small sample jars.

Use the lighter shades to give your eye a lift or apply them wet as an eyeliner. Soft, subtle shades when applied dry. Achieve Bold, radiant, and longer-lasting color when applied wet! Try our SAMPLES for 1.00 each!

Our mineral eye shadows have been formulated to last longer! We offer 40 Original Semi-Matte Shadows. Looking for metallic mineral eye shadows? Click on the color choices with an, "F" in front of the number code. The ,"F" indicates the shade is also shimmery/sparkly (metallic)

Each mineral eye shadow sample jar: Provides enough for approx. 7-8 applications


 ü      No Micronized minerals (contains nano-particles)

ü      No Coated minerals

ü      No Preservatives

ü      No Talc

ü      No Bismuth Oxychloride (causes itching, breakouts, redness)

ü      No Synthetic dyes

ü      No Parabens

ü      No Carmine (crushed beetle shells)

ü      No Fragrances

ü      No PetroChemicals

ü      Non-comedogenic / won't clog pores

ü      No Animal Testing / cruelty Free

ü      Not too shiny/sparkly (our mineral foundations are considered semi-matte)

 MADE in USA. VEGAN friendly

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SKU: R2307b
Warranty: 301 Sultry Mauve: A seductive semi-matte blend of mauve & smokey lilac.<br>
302 Dark Teal: A dark semi-matte charcoal Teal. A great eyeliner.<br>
303 Indian Red: A semi-matte blend of light mauve-lilac & hint of light brown.<br>
304 Peru: A light semi-matte blend of apricot, pink & brown.
305 Khaki: A medium matte green olive & cream.<br>
306 Brown Sugar: A slightly shimmering warm & rich copper brown.<br>
307 Poinsettia: A stunning rich mulberry mauve.<br>
308 Egyptian Gold: A light semi-matte gold.<br>
309 Passion Fruit: A pink & coral blend.<br>
310 Cool Mist: A light shimmering green-gray.<br>
311 Slate: A medium semi-matte slate green-gray.<br>
312 True Lilac: A semi-matte cool medium Lilac.<br>
313 Smokey Black: A matte off-black. A great eyeliner.<br>
314 Apricot: A semi-matte medium coral.<br>
315 Antique Red: A semi-matte sultry dark red with hints of purple. Stunning at night.<br>
316 Blue Horizon: A semi-matte cool light blue.<br>
317 Pale Orchid: A semi-matte dusty rose.<br>
318 Cotton Candy: A slightly shimmery classic light pink.<br>
319 Moonlight: A semi-matte smoky blue-gray.<br>
320 True Cream: The lightest semi-matte ivory with a touch of pink & gold.<br>
321 Latte: A matte medium cream. Can reduce pink & blues on the eyelids.<br>
322 Oak: A matte medium-dark brown. A great eyeliner.
323 Dove: A matte snow white.<br>
324 Comet Dust: A pearlized semi-matte white.
325 Silver Bullet: light-metallic silver.<br>
326 Blue Smoke: A semi-matte medium-dark blue-gray.<br>
327 Rainforest: A semi-matte medium-dark emerald peacock green.<br>
328 Purple Rain: A popular medium manic purple with an elegant sheen.<br>
329 Seafoam: A light semi-matte mint green.<br>
330 Purple Haze: A semi-matte purple-gray.<br>
331 Antique Gold: A classic slightly shimmering 24k gold color.<br>
332 Blue Metal: Our darkest semi-matte deep blue.<br>
333 Cold Steele: A popular look of polished metal.<br>
334 Phoenix: A slightly shimmering sultry coral, darker than apricot.<br>
335 Purple Smoke: A deep semi-matte, eggplant.<br>
336 Eclipse: Our darkest semi-matte black.<br>
337 Desert Brown: A medium neutral brown. Not too red. Not too orange.<br>
338 Deep Cocoa: Darkest matte neutral brown. A brunette eyebrow color.<br>
339 Light Desert: Light neutral sandy brown. A great blonde eyebrow color.<br>
340: Pink Coral: A matte pink, light mauve & coral, darker than 318 Cotton Candy.<br>
Ingredients: Non-micronized Titanium dioxide, sericite, iron oxides, mica, +/- tin oxide +/-ultramarine blue.
How to Apply: With an eye shadow brush, touch the bristles into a small amount of eye shadow powder, then tap a little back into the jar. Next, lightly sweep the color across the lids.
EWG Rating: We are rated as, "CHAMPION!" this product has a safe score of "2", They score products from 0-10, the lower the number, the better the score!
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wow wee THE BEST!!!!

I am in love with the make-up from here NUMBER ONE my face don't brake out, I have the most healthy skin I have ever had at the ripe age of 43! Thank you for making your make-up

Buttery Smooth

These eyes shadows go on so velvety buttery smooth...love the feel and a little goes a long way

Goes on dry or wet for different look

Safe, true to color shown choices. The browns can be used for eye or eyebrow color, or even as a soft eyeliner when mixed with a little water and applied with a brush. Its nice to have makeup that is safe for all women and even children to play dress up and is non-toxic.