You will love the scent of this white tea scrub! A natural gentle exfoliating scrub for radiant looking skin will remove dead skin cells when massaged into the skin. Leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and better prepared to absorb your natural moisturizer.

Green & White Tea antioxidants will protect and repair the skin.

Tropical Butters soften & smooth dry skin.

Vitamin A & C are essential for clarifying.


Our products are free of harmful ingredients. They Do Not  contain any of the following:


ü      No Micronized minerals (contains nano-particles)

ü      No Coated minerals

ü      No Talc

ü      No Bismuth Oxychloride (causes itching, breakouts, redness)

ü      No Synthetic dyes

ü      No Parabens

ü      No Carmine (crushed beetle shells) 

ü      No Fragrances

ü      No PetroChemicals

ü      Non-comedogenic / won't clog pores

ü      No Animal Testing / cruelty Free

MADE in USA. VEGAN friendly

Made with USDA Certified Organic ingredients.

Ingredients: Organic Herbal Infusion, Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Pumice, Jojoba Beads, Olive Butter, Avocado Butter, Kukui Nut Oil, Coffee Extract, Green/White Tea, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, (2s)-2-Amino-5-guanidinopentanoic Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Ethylhexyl Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, fragrance.

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