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You will love this high quality vegan brush set! The quality and softness of natural bristle without animal hair. This set includes a tan brown leathereen case with snap closure - to keep your makeup brushes protected and clean when not in use. Wood handles, aluminum ferrule.

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Your 13 pc Professional Brush set includes:

7.75 inch large oval fluff brush ,

7.5 inch medium oval fluff brush ,

7.5 inch angled oval fluff brush,

7.5 inch large shadow brush,

7.5 inch medium shadow brush,

7.5 inch small shadow brush, 8 inch fan brush

7 inch large lip brush, 7 inch medium lip brush,

7 inch small lip brush, 7.5 inch brow/lash brush,

7.25 eyeshadow applicator tip,

Large brown brush case.

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